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Paris Plaza

Paris Plaza 10 Paris Drive, Elliot Lake, Ontario Commercial Store Fronts and Residential Apartments Furnished Suites for Corporate or Business Use | Short Term Rentals

Maria’s Sewing

Maria’s Sewing Sewing and Alterations Located in the Eco-Mat@Paris Laundromat, 10 Paris Drive, Elliot Lake, Ontario P5A 2L9 Consult website for hours of operation, contact information, and pricing. Sewing from ClickBank You Can Digitize $59.00 Repair Your Sewing Machine at Home $39.95 Legal Notice: Product prices and availability are subject to change. Visit corresponding website More Info »

Eco-Mat at Paris

Eco-Mat at Paris Eco-Friendly Laundromat Located in the Paris Plaza in Elliot Lake High Performance, Energy Efficient Washing Machines 30 lb. and 45 lb. Dryers Wash and Fold Service Available Sewing and Alteration Service

Elliot Lake Airport

A photo tribute to the residents of Elliot Lake who own this fine facility.

Elliot Lake Drag Races 2012

196.66 mph Jet Car, Alcohol Powered Car, Monster Truck, Snow machine vs Motorcycle, PT Cruiser Wheelstander, and Funny Cars, all at the 2012 NAPA Autoparts North Shore Challenge drag races in Elliot Lake. Amazon Coupons

Elliot Lake Jewellers

Elliot Lake Jewellers Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company Jewellery, Watches, Diamonds Engagement and Wedding Rings 186 Ontario Ave. Elliot Lake, Ontario Telephone: (705)461-7575 Jewellery Products

Deer Trail Curling Club

Deer Trail Curling Club “Curling… a game that involves strategy, fitness and good sportsmanship… enjoy good competition along with great social interaction… An ice rink, granite rocks, 2 teams of 4 players, and a target that is 42 yards away. Get your rock closer to the target than your opponent and your team wins… a More Info »

NAPA Auto Parts Elliot Lake

Napa Auto Parts Elliot Lake Tulloch Automotive 1 Charles Walk Elliot Lake, ON P5A 2A2 Telephone: (705) 848-5666 Amazon Coupons

Promotional Video for Elliot Lake

Enjoy this informative, promotional video that discusses some of the history and features of the City of Elliot Lake, Ontario, Canada.